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Subsidized Housing

Subsidized housing allows low-income households to pay rent equal to 25% of their income. There are two types: low-rental housing (HLM) and housing that benefits from the Rent Supplement Program. The latter may be part of the private rental market or belong to housing cooperatives or non-profit organizations (NPOs).

Since February 9, 2023, the sums received as child support for child care that can be excluded from the calculation of rent has been increased to a maximum of $500 per month per child. This deduction was previously $350 per month per child.

Here is how to apply for subsidized housing:

1. Contact a housing organization

The first thing to do is to contact your housing office.

For the Montreal Metropolitan Area, applications for subsidized housing can be made to any housing office present on its territory Cet hyperlien s'ouvrira dans une nouvelle fenêtre..

If you are looking for housing elsewhere in Quebec, contact the housing office that manages the housing properties of the municipality where you want to live.

Other housing organizations such as NPOs or housing cooperatives can also help you.

To find contact information for housing offices, NPOs or housing cooperatives:

2. Apply for subsidized housing

Several housing offices provide on their website tools, such as a list of housing offers or an online application service, to facilitate applying for housing.

Some housing offices offer a housing search assistance  service to help you find subsidized housing. By contacting them, you can get information on how to obtain social or community housing (steps to follow, form to fill out, supporting documents to provide, process, deadlines, etc.).